Help My Friend Run the NYC Marathon!!

I was looking for something to write about today (#30DaysofBlogging) and thanks to FB, I have a topic!

Let me tell you about my friend Valerie (Val). Val is a runner. I mean, she is a RUN-NER. She runs everything from 5Ks to half-marathons. I really have no idea how many times she’s run, but it’s been a LOT! And she travels all over the country to run. She was just in my home state of MI and posted this pic:


Yeah, this wasn’t a nice picture. Who thumbs down the most awesome university in the world?? smh I don’t know. But because it’s Val, I forgave her (this time). 🙂 However, in true Val style, she sends me a text, “I’m at Zingerman’s. What do you want?” WHAT!!?! Yes, she went to one of my favorite places in the world, Zingerman’s, and offers to send me a treat!! Basically, in a word, she’s awesome. And she needs OUR help! Val is only $1,400 away from reaching her goal to run the NYC Marathon!! How awesome is that!? AND, not only is she running, but she’s running with a purpose. She’s running for Miles of Miracles through the Boston Children’s Hospital. Here are some reasons why she chose them:

  • The hospital’s patient care programs are unusually sensitive to what sick and injured children and their families really need.
  • Researchers regularly make amazing discoveries that change children’s lives.
  • Boston Children’s welcomes kids whose families can’t afford health care–more than any other hospital in Massachusetts.
  • Community programs makes a point of reaching out to help low-income and at-risk kids.

And the hospital doesn’t just stop there. Boston Children’s really understands the importance of training the next generation of top pediatricians and nurses, so they can continue to provide the best, most innovative care possible to kids.

Val used to live and work in Boston not too long ago. And she was there on the sidelines, with thousands of others, when the Boston Marathon bombing occurred. I can’t even imagine what that moment must’ve been like, to be right there when this horrific event changed so many lives. Since this tragic event occurred, Val has run in several events with “Boston Strong” on her mind.


Now, I get that you may not know Val like I do. And that’s ok! Haven’t we all donated to someone or something that we didn’t really know very well? Sure we have! We’ve donated to the Red Cross during Christmas to those strange Santas, ringing that annoying bell outside our malls. We’ve donated to the little kids outside the supermarket, raising money for their sports team. There are so many times we’ve given to people we didn’t really know because, well, a lot of us have hearts of gold. Deep down, a lot of us want to help people because one day, we think, “what if I need help?” Wouldn’t we want someone to help us out? Absolutely!

But if you still feel a little weird donating money to someone you don’t know, I get it. However, I DO know Val and I wouldn’t be dedicating an ENTIRE blog post to her if she weren’t honestly one of the greatest people I know! Seriously, she’s worth it. Even if it’s $1, I know she will appreciate it with every bone in her body.

Soooo, if you want to help Val, click here!!! 

Val – You ROCK!! And even though you like to diss my school (okay, okay, I diss your precious Penn State too), you’re my friend and I want to help you reach this goal. Personally, I could never run a marathon. Why? I’m not a runner. I haaaate running, lol! But you’re a runner and you deserve to run this marathon!! Good luck reaching your goal and I hope my post gets you closer to it! xoxo!



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