“It Ain’t Ya Booty, It’s Ya Beauty”

Perhaps that’s what Nicki Minaj wanted everyone to think when she posted this [NSFW] promotion pic on her Instagram the other day, for her new song, “Anaconda”. Nicki was attacked for the pic, with many saying it was too racy. Nicki then defended herself by posting a variety of pics where women were shown in tiny bikinis and labeled them “acceptable”. Most of these pics were from the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue.

Here’s my thing. There are plenty of female artists out there that resort to this level of…promotion? Sure, let’s go with that. I don’t know when we arrived at this place in society where most female singers/rappers feel they need to bare so much skin. I can’t say if her cover art is wrong, unacceptable or whatever, but I will say that I’m SO over the shameless display of T&A to sell one’s music. I have to admit that I’m even over Lady Gaga and the crazy outfits. All the extra things female artists do to sell their music is so unnecessary. Call me old-fashioned, but I’d rather hear your voice than see your body. #thanksbutnothanks  So, on the one hand, I want to say, “Put some clothes on!!!!” ladies! I’ve realized how most of the female singers I like these days, keep their clothes on and/or show very, very little skin.

However, in Nicki’s defense, I will say she’s got a point with the pics she posted. If you think about it, why are those pics fine (fine enough to put on a couple covers of a major magazine), but hers is not? Is it because her bum is, well, more bodacious than the other women? Is it a racial thing? (By the way, I don’t like bringing up race, but sometimes, it seems like it’s the best possible answer.) I don’t know what it is, but it is quite odd that her photo caused such a stir, when there have been so many instances of bare rears already. One would think that we are very used to seeing scantily clad women these days, especially with the popularity of Instagram. Everyone’s a model, huh? smh.

Anyway, what are your thoughts on the photo? Should everyone be up in arms about it? Or, is it really that distasteful? Word on the street is, Nicki’s moving back the drop date of her song. Wonder why? Too much flack for the photo? Hmmm, I guess we’ll find out.




4 thoughts on ““It Ain’t Ya Booty, It’s Ya Beauty”

  1. I recall Sade’s album cover back in the day. Is that so much different? Or was it because the perception of her was different because she was part of a different genre in a different time? Or what about Madonna? Janet Jackson? All posed nude at some point. What if she was a country music singer? Or a violinist that posed nude on her album cover?

    If we can appreciate fine art and the body that our God created, which is a beautiful work of art, then I see no problem with being in love with yourself and your body. Niki is young and is flaunting it while she has it. She has a platform to do it, More power to her.

    I think we as a country need to loosen up a bit and appreciate those things that should be naturally pleasing to us. Perhaps our general unspoken conservativeness creates such repressed inclinations that we immediately react, positive or negative, when we see skin. We need to grow up as a country and realize that everything is not really taboo. And if it is, then why? Because some religious movement 150 years ago said it was and we as a culture never thought to question it?

    What do we want to become as a country? Sometimes I think we’re headed in the opposite direction as far as what we deem as acceptable and what isn’t.

    Josaphine Baker and her art form, in all her glorious skin, was widely appreciated in France and the rest of the world.

    1. I agree, there are a lot of other female artists that have shown lots of skin over the years. I think Madonna is probably the main one that’s received the most flack for showing more skin than the others you’ve mentioned. I don’t remember the buzz about Sade’s album cover when it came out (I have seen it). I think about the Luke cover though, where all the women were in g-strings. That was very controversial. I think it’s all about how it’s done. Is it tasteful? Does it look like art or does it make the person look trashy? I agree though, that in the US we are very sensitive about nudity. In many European countries (from what I’ve heard), they are much more relaxed. I’ve heard they show porn on TV during the day in some countries. Clearly, we just have our undies in bunch in this country. I don’t know though. I think we take it too far, but on the other hand, I feel like there’s a time and place for it all. I get a little concerned when there are so many female artists that feel the need to show so much skin and have such young girls as fans. Whether we want to believe it or not, these girls look up to these women and want to emulate them. While parents can do all they can to raise their daughters in a way to make them see that beauty is more than taking off one’s clothes, there’s only so much a parent can do. But from a grown up perspective and consumer, I’m just over these women going to extremes to show their body to sell records. And I know sex sells, but I feel like so many of these artists aren’t praised for their abilities, rather they are praised for how good they look. It’s just annoying.

      1. We have to determine if the reason women show skin is actually a need to sell themselves. Some do. But others see it as a freedom of expression. Now that expression can be tinged with some deep rooted psychological scars. But for others, it says to the world that a woman can show her body because she feels comfortable in her body and she wants to share it. Not because she feels she has to or needs to. I’m not sure what Niki’s motives were though. And a naked body is not necessarily going to translate into me purchasing an album or single. I liked Sade before her Taboo album. Though the picture was icing on the cake. 🙂

        I think the Luke cover is something totally different. That is the result of men objectifying women and using their bodies to appease their male fans. I don’t believe the women were expressing themselves FOR themselves. One could certainly argue that some were. But I highly doubt it.

        To be honest, I think there are a lot of artists these days that are lacking in ability; clothes on or off. 🙂

        1. Totally agree with your last statement. The level of actual talent in the music industry is very low these days! 🙂

          Well, I brought up the Luke cover to illustrate that we’ve seen risque covers before, and they were criticized. I know those women weren’t (most likely) doing it to express themselves, but the fact remains it was controversial because of what they were wearing. Surely, it wouldn’t have gotten ill reviews if they were more clothed. Or if the cover was done in a more artistic way. It looked raunchy, and because of that, it was deemed inappropriate.

          I totally think women in the industry who show more skin are doing it for sales these days. I just don’t see the ones nowadays doing it for self-expression. I know I’m assuming a lot, but many of these women just don’t come across as intelligent enough to do it in beautiful way. I mean, Nicki’s cover looks like, “Hey, look at me. I got a big behind.” These days, as an artist, they pretty much only see major dollar signs if they show skin. I don’t think any of the women that are popular today (Nicki, Rihanna, Beyonce, Gaga, Katy Perry) would be where they are today if they weren’t showing as much skin. I look at Alicia Keys, who used to be pretty popular, wear tight, body-con type clothing, but doesn’t have near the number of fans (or popularity) as the women I just mentioned. I wonder why? Maybe people just aren’t into her music like they used to be? Who knows. But I definitely think most of these women are following the “sex sells” trend and going with it. To each their own. I’m just not buying into it. 🙂

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