The Good, The Bad and The NFL

I’m sure by now, many of you have heard of the situation regarding Ray Rice (Running Back, Baltimore Ravens) and his wife. If you haven’t, just google it and you’ll find a slew of articles and video. In short, Rice assaulted his wife in an Atlantic City casino elevator, causing her to fall unconscious. This occurred back in February, but the NFL’s commissioner just issued his disciplinary action on Rice. He was suspended for two games and will pay a hefty fine. 

The internet went nuts, outraged by the decision, stating the 2-game suspension was nothing compared to the suspensions of other offenses committed by other players over the years. While I follow professional sports, I don’t follow closely enough to give my two cents about what is/is not fair in terms of the appropriate number of games a player should be suspended. I will say, Rice’s suspension of two games seems extremely ridiculous given what occurred between him and his wife. If you watched the video I linked above, you will see why I, and pretty much everyone, thinks his punishment was absolutely unfounded. The man knocked his (then fiancé) OUT! I mean, does he know she’s a woman?? And does he know he’s a gigantic, muscular man?? More on my disgust later in this post. 

As I said, I can’t comment on what should be the appropriate number of suspensions/disciplinary actions for the numerous issues professional sportsmen (mainly from football and basketball) seem to have off the field/court. But what I can comment on is, how unfortunate it is that these issues continue to happen over and over again. “Oh, so-and-so was arrested for a DUI”. And “so-and-so was fined X amount of dollars for hurling a racial slur at someone”. These guys amass charges for everything, from drug & gun possession to murder! It really is crazy to think about it all. 

What really burns me up is that these guys make more money than any of us will ever have in our lives, yet they act like damn idiots. What if we stopped supporting these teams? Think about it. What do you do when your favorite business starts giving bad service? Or maybe they had a great product, but that product changed for the worse? What do you do? You stop supporting that business. I know with sports, this would never happen. Most sports fans would say that there will always be a few bad apples in the bunch, and they shouldn’t let those few spoil the experience. I get it. That stance makes sense, but damn, why can’t these players get a clue? Why do they constantly have behavioral issues? Well, I have an idea, but I’ll save that diatribe for another day. 

But back to the Rice situation. This guy won’t play for two games. TWO. Yet, he knocked his lady OUT. She had to be dragged out of the elevator. My heart breaks when I watch that video. As I stated, they were engaged at the time and they are now married. YES, she went on to marry this jackass…this a-hole…this BARBARIAN!!! If you read further into it, she attends a press conference and actually takes some of the blame for what happened!


Girl. GIRL.

It’s painful. It’s painful to watch that video. And it’s painful to know that she went on to marry him. *smh* I don’t even know what to say, except, there’s a bigger picture to look at here. It goes beyond the NFL and sports. I just can’t believe, in 2014, we have men thinking it’s ok to even THINK about hitting a woman. That blows my mind. And apparently, ESPN “First Take” host, Stephen A. Smith, thinks women need to take responsibility for their actions and not provoke men (I’m paraphrasing).

Again, WHAT?!

I’m sorry, but every day, people are provoked by all sorts of things, but that doesn’t mean we take care of it by assaulting someone! What is this, 60,000B.C.?! We aren’t Neanderthals. cavemanGuess what? We have very advanced brains now. We can make fire AND think before we do stupid s***.




2 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad and The NFL

  1. From day one, football players are taught to be aggressive. While that doesn’t excuse their off-the-field behavior, it does send a mixed signal. “Wait, you mean I should try to break someone’s back on the field, but then I have to find a way to turn that aggressiveness off and on like a light switch? Some men can’t handle that challenge of self-control. So it comes out in other ways in public.

    In this specific case, one has to wonder that if he could do that to someone he loves and would supposedly give his life for, what about some other poor shmuck that he doesn’t give a hoot about?

    I personally think a 2 game suspension is light given the amount of money these guys make and the length of their careers. Penalties must be more strict. I’d suspend him for a year and let him take that time for he and his wife to has things out while they BOTH take anger management sessions.

    When a football player is charged with an assault, especially for assaulting a woman, I think they should suspended for a year and not invited back into the NFL until a therapist signs off on their behavioral adjustment. Two games is like a vacation.

    • That’s so true, John. I never thought about the notion of them being so aggressive on the field, that they may not understand they need to turn it off at home. Very good points. And I totally agree he should’ve been suspended for a year. The punishment he received is nothing!

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