Thirty Days of Blogging?!

I’ve decided to set-up a challenge for myself. I’ve been toying around with various ideas for posts and for some reason, I can’t seem to get these posts out there to you. Why? I don’t know, it could be a variety of reasons. Sometimes, I come up with topics that may be a tad bit on the controversial side. Other times, I come up with topics that may not be as interesting to read. Many times, I literally want to write a paragraph. ha! My main goal, always, is to write something interesting and entertaining. And believe it or not, I also want you all to get something out of coming here.

YOU: Whaaat? You want us to leeearn something??

ME: I KNOWWW! *cue Craig Ferguson voice*

Wait. Do you all watch Craig Ferguson? He’s the host of the Late, Late Show on CBS. It comes on at 12:3–. Ohhhhh…. wait wait…sorry, sorry. I’m the night owl here. Forgot. Ok, so here’s a clip of his infamous “I knowww” (clip is queued to the spot and you can watch more after that, if you want).

I love when he says that. 🙂  FYI: Craig posts his entire shows on YouTube. Check him out. He’s hilarious! #random #sorry #movingon

Getting back to the point. There’s a point? Yes. Always. So, what I was thinking, was that I’d blog I know! Can you handle it?!? I can totally do this, folks. BUT… just know that some of the blogs may be super short. Not a paragraph short. Welllll, maybe. 🙂  No, no, sometimes they may not be as long and juicy as I tend to make them. haha! This challenge is really to keep me writing more frequently, something I haven’t been doing a lot of lately. And of course, the more I write, the more entertainment you’ll have! *applause*

Ok, that’s it. Fin. Look out for blogs. Every. Day.




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