Welcome to NJ!

“started from the bottom, now we here” 

Thanks Drake for those appropo lyrics. 🙂

Well, we didn’t quite start at the bottom, although, compared to where we were, it sure feels like we did!

Can you say, “blessed”?! We are beyond blessed! When I say every prayer answered, I mean every prayer was answered in terms of our new place. Rather than talk about it, why not just show you:


photo 1

photo 3

photo 3

photo 4

More pics to come once it’s more furnished!

1. Why Jersey? 

A. Initially, we didn’t really consider NJ due to the added cost of transportation into the city for work and other purposes. The “other purposes” weren’t a big deal, but to spend extra money daily for work was a big deal. Also, we no longer have a car, so that was the other big reason we didn’t jump at the chance to move out here.

Other than those two things, we didn’t have anything against moving to NJ. We don’t know much about it except that it’s the ‘burbs pretty much.

2. So, what’s it like? 

A. Our new place in one word: AWESOME!

So far, our building is nice and quiet. Of course, it’s not a library, but it feels like it compared to the last place. We do hear noise from the pool, but unless the kids are screaming or playing a game, the noise isn’t bad. (Side note: The kids play “Marco Polo” in the pool!!! I didn’t know kids today knew this game!! I know this is random, but I wanted to share because I think it’s cute.) Our complex is only two years old, so thankfully we don’t hear every thump or bump.

3. Wait, you have, a pool!?

A. Yes! And we have a view of it!! We didn’t even know we’d get this view, so it was an amazing surprise! I’m not trying to harp on this like, “Ooooh we have pooooool viewwww”. But umm, if you saw what our previous view was, then you would understand VERY much. We spent five years looking at a dirty wall and into other people’s apts. So yes, I will brag, brag, brag about this pool until the cows come home!!  *squeeeeeeeeeeal* We have a view of the poooooooollllll! So….you all realize this means there will be plenty of pool chronicles to blog about, right? Like, the other day when this lady and her gentleman-friend were essentially having their own photo session by the pool. It was a pose-apoolza! Oh man, it was sheer comedy!

I do feel just a tiny bit bad that we totally stalk spy peep stare look on at everyone, but c’mon! We got a view of the pool!! The temptation is too great! lol

Oh yes, and there’s a pretty sweet gym! Several treadmills, a stairclimber, a SPIN bike, a few regular bikes, a few ellipticals, weight machines, weight bench, medicine balls and free weights. Awwwesome! Me and the spin bike have already bonded. I think we will become great friends. 🙂

4. You don’t have a car. Soooo, how’s that working out? 

A. Buses. Walking. We are in a 10-12 min walk of a “main” street with a few businesses (Rite Aid, some banks, some restaurants). There’s not a whole lot, but it’s enough if we need some things in a pinch. However, we have access to a couple different buses that can take us to more uh, desirable(?) places. One bus takes us straight to Garden State Plaza. If you’re from NJ or familiar with the mall, then you know that it’s an awesome mall. We made the trip out there this past weekend and it took about 25-ish minutes. Not bad at all. The same bus also takes us to the grocery store, which is a slightly shorter trip. However, we’ll still get grocery delivered for now. Whaaaa, you get groceries delivered!?! Oh yes. Yes we do. And it’s fantastic! We got them delivered in the city and are excited we can get them here as well. So until we get a car, we’ll get them delivered. But, if we need to, we can take the bus to the store too.

We’re actually in a very good area, as there are plenty of shops, restaurants, etc around us. They just aren’t all accessible by walking or by bus. But if we had a car, we can be at several restaurants, shops, etc in about 10 minutes. It’ll be pretty sweet once we get a car. We won’t be getting a car for a while though, so for now, let’s just say thank God for the Internet! 🙂

For now, our only issue is not having a car, but as I said, the Internet is a wonderful thing. Just about everything can be delivered. I mean, groceries can be delivered. What more do you need!? Life is good and it only stands to get better! 🙂

That’s all for now, folks! More #jerseylife to come!






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