It’s OK to Not Be OK

As Joan Rivers used to say, “Can we tawk?”

How many times have you been asked, “How are you?” and given the reply, “I’m good” when in reality you aren’t good. Sometimes, we’re not good, but for some reason, we feel the need to say we’re ok and hide our true feelings.

I blame Facebook!

No, seriously, I do.

Before social media really took off, we were completely unaware of the ongoings of our friends. Obviously, you kept in touch with your good/close friends, but now, we know what’s going on with our acquaintances, their friends and their friends’ friends! It’s truly overwhelming.

As we all know, social media allows people to share everything. Typically, people share all the good times, which is fine. It’s great actually, because I enjoy seeing happy things. However, I think this constant showing of good, happy times tends to make some of us feel like we have to be happy all of the time. Clearly, one just can’t be happy all the time. It’s impossible.

Does this mean we should start sharing our sad times all of the time, too? Well, yes and no. Do I want to see sad FB statuses or tweets 24/7? No. Because then, I’m going to be sad! But, from time to time, I don’t think it’s bad to share something that’s troubling or upsetting. We’re human. We all go through ups and downs. It’s part of life. We all know this, but I think social media causes us to forget that sometimes, we have low moments in our lives. Sometimes, we’re stressed. Sometimes, we’re upset. Sometimes, we get pissed off. And sometimes, we’re just sad. It’s all ok. It’s ok to not be ok.

Right now, I’m not okay. My husband and I are struggling a bit. We were let down recently because my husband did not get a job he really wanted. Not getting that job means we have to stay in a city that we have no desire to live in anymore. And that’s ok, we’ll deal with it. I believe everything happens for a reason. Therefore, if we have to stay longer, we have to stay longer. Our time will come and we will move eventually.

On the same token, I’m not ok that I haven’t been working for over two years now. It’s tough to not be able to help my husband support us and essentially, help take us to the next phase in our life. It’s tough to do everything I can to secure work, only to have those things not work out. So now, after much, much, MUCH thought (two years worth!), I’ve decided to switch careers. And that’s ok! (More on this change in the next post.) 🙂

In short (these are never short, are they? ha!), I feel we shouldn’t let anyone make us feel like we have to be ok all of the time. Sometimes, we’re not ok and frankly, that’s okay. 🙂


p.s. Sorry for any typos! I was trying to publish this today and breezed through editing. 🙂


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