Tap Into Yourself

I’m in the midst of packing up our apartment right now. If you read the last post, then you know we are moving and have to be out by this Saturday. We still have no clue where we’re going, but I’m not worried. I know. I can only attribute my peace to God. Seriously. Moving on… (no pun intended)

I’m sure you all know by now that Dr. Maya Angelou passed away. Although it is sad to lose such an amazing person, many of us should feel blessed to have experienced her presence on this Earth.

I read an article about her life (I believe it was on NBC) and then a post Oprah made on Facebook and I realized, there is SO much life to live! And not only that, but we have so much to GIVE in this life. Think about how often you truly attempt to live your life to the fullest. Then, think about how often you give yourself to help others. And helping others can come in a variety of ways, just to be clear.

We were made to live and give fully. Why don’t we do that? Are we afraid to fail? Or succeed? Are we afraid of what others will…or won’t think? So many more questions and reasons as to why, but the bottom line is, we are meant to do extraordinary things in life.

May you rest in eternal peace, Dr. Angelou. Thank you for the legacy you left for us to enjoy for years to come.


p.s. I found the article I read earlier, check it out here.


2 thoughts on “Tap Into Yourself

  1. Tracey, God whispers, nudges, or pushes. I think this is a push right now. But He has equipped you with wings. land on your feet at the next place in your life’s journey. The greatest people are the ones who experience and can learn from the roller coaster of life. Impact the world. Don’t think small. Think big. Never stop dreaming. There’s a whole world waiting to hear from you. 🙂 Looking forward to your testimony after this is over.

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