Small Hiatus

It’s been a minute since I’ve posted a blog. We’ll call it, “too much going on to post”. And when I say “too much is going on”, I mean, I’m thinking about too many things to write. Here’s a quick, vague update:

– We have to move by the end of this month. Yes, in two weeks. Why? Our lease was not renewed. Why? Ask the owner because we have no idea. We asked the manager and he said, “Sometimes, the owner just doesn’t renew leases”. Well, alrighty then! I guess we’re moving!

(I’m actually THRILLED about this because our next door neighbors are about to bring ALL of the Detroit out of me! I’m more than OVER how obnoxiously loud and disrespectful they are on the daily. I’m not even joking/exaggerating.)

– We currently have no place to go. I’m serious. Like, no apartment lined up or anything.

– We are determined to not be in NYC, but that is up in the air right now because…

– Mr. B is in the interviewing process with a major company. MAJOR, I tell ya! And if it works out, we will most definitely be moving out of NYC (yay!!)

That’s the quick and dirty update. My mind is in disarray right now. I was working on several blogs, but I can’t for the life of me flesh them out so they don’t sound crazy. So, my apologies, but no blogs until June (unless I sneak something in that just has to be said).

Oh, about that whole, we have no place to go thing. Don’t worry. We will, like always, figure it out. Surprisingly, I’m not worried about finding a place. I’m more worried about other things. But finding a place should be relatively easy. I think. I hope, lol! No worries! 🙂

Until June, mis amigos…



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