Fears! How Many of Us Have Them?

See what I did there with the title? If you got it, congrats, you’re grew up in the 80s/90s! 

I’ve been reading this book by Joyce Meyer, and one of the chapters talks about fears. Let’s dig deeper into this topic, shall we?

What do you fear?

We all have fears. If you don’t fear anything, then you sir/madam are lying!! No, seriously. You’re a freakshow if you don’t have any fears. I mean, even Superman fears kryptonite! So, we ALL have fears.

One of the things I’m learning about in the book is overcoming fears. It’s such a challenge because I know that if I can get past mine, great things could happen in my life. Sooooo. Want to know what I fear the most?

Ok, get in close. Closer. C’mon, we’re friends. Ok. Ready?

I fear…




*whispers* Success.

AARRRGGGGHHHHH!! I KNOW!!! Seriously, who fears that?!!

*points to self* This girl.

Folks, it ain’t easy getting over this fear. I struggle to overcome it on a daily basis. I struggle to even understand why I fear doing well in life. {Writing that and re-reading that sounds super ridiculous!} But, ’tis true my friends, ’tis true. And sometimes, the truth hurts. *fake single tear rolls down right cheek*

I decided to share this because I thought, maybe someone else out there shares the same fear. Ya know, we could start a club (just the two of us), and talk about why we’re too chicken to do cool things because we’re afraid we’ll get everything we want in life!

*Fear of Success Meeting*

Me: So, I didn’t apply for this job today.

Other Member: Oh no, why??

Me: Man, if I get that job, I’ll have a cool title and so much money. Then, I’ll be someone’s boss and have all these great responsibilities. Oh yeah, AND I’d have to move out of my small apartment into a much larger one with all the amenities I want! I might even be able to save money for a house!! *sigh*

OM: Dude, I know what you mean. That sounds so great. Too bad you’d have to change your life for all that.

Me: Right! Who wants to do that? Success is so stressful.

OM: Word.

End scene

Story of my life. I’m not even joking. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had scenarios like this run through my head. It’s really not fun to self-sabotage this way. And while I do my best to push through the fear, that doesn’t mean it goes away. Christian folks, y’all know what it’s called when fear keeps creeping in when you’re trying to do well right? Yup, él diablo. Él es no bueno. All I can say is, I stay in prayer each and every day. It’s the only way I can make it! *Madea voice* Halleluyer! {Sorry, had to do it.} 🙂

So, what’s my point here? Oh yes, this:

Each of us must decide if we will reach down deep inside and find the courage to press past fear, mistakes, mistreatment at the hands of others, seeming injustices, and all the challenges life presents. This is not something someone can do for us; we must do it ourselves. — Joyce Meyer, “Never Give Up!”

Essentially, I have to put on my grown lady pants and get things done!

What about you? Got a fear to overcome? We all do. You’re not alone. 🙂


p.s. If you didn’t get the title, it’s a play on this song. 🙂


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