Part Two: Life in NYC

I had quite the response to my last blog. Thanks for all the comments (on the blog, on FB, on GChat, etc). Look, it’s not like I hate the place. Hmmm…. I mean, I don’t hate it. Hate is such a strong word. My mother told me to never say you hate something because chances are, you just dislike it. (A lot.)

Soooooo, I don’t hate it here. I just…um, er…strongly dislike it. See? I don’t hate it!! ūüôā Ok, good. Now that that’s settled, I decided to show everyone that I can find beauty and happiness in a place I dislike. Because New York, while your subways smell like pee (I’m looking at you, 79th St.¬†stop on the 1 line) and the air smells like burnt…”meat” (I’m looking at you, Times Square), I can find lots of things I like and even love about NYC. Don’t believe me? Well keep on reading!


The skyline – Hey, I’m no fool. The New York City skyline is pretty spectacular. Dare I say it’s the best in all the land? No! I won’t. I ain’t giving ya’ll THAT much credit. ha! But I DO get excited to see it when we’re coming back from a road trip. Unfortunately, once back in the city, I’m quickly reminded that I’m ready to move {Sorry, I had to say it! Haha! I’ll be nice from now on.} ūüôā

The parks – Is it¬†weird that I love the parks? If so, then I’ll just have to be weird for loving them. Where I’m from, there are not many nice parks. Dare I say, there are NO nice, well-kept parks? No, I’m sure there are a few. Whether it’s a small neighborhood park or a large city park, Detroit just doesn’t take care of parks. Although I’m sure that when my dad was growing¬†up there, the parks were probably in much, much better shape.

It’s really sad though, because while Detroiters typically live in homes with yards for their children, a park offers a nice alternative. And of course, not everyone can afford play-sets for their kids, so going to a park would be great! But in my youth, most parks didn’t have equipment. If there was some, it was unsafe to use (and usually heavily graffitied). If there were basketball courts, there were usually no nets (or rims sometimes). Oh! And the grass was either burned to a crisp from the sun and/or extremely overgrown. I won’t paint this picture any more. Bottom line, NYC, your parks are beautiful. I’m in complete envy of them all.

The food¬†– Oh God, the FOOD!! Jesus, help us!!! The amount of food in this city is on another level. This should probably be my favorite thing about the city. There’s just Sometimes, it’s overwhelming. On the one hand, you want to eat EVERYTHING and you can! And why not? It’s here! Eat it ALL! On the other, you can’t decide what the “everything” is that you want to eat. Believe it or not, sometimes my husband and I scoff at the idea of dining out. Seriously, on the weekends, I think we both fear hearing/saying these¬†four little words, “You wanna go out”. AAARRRGGHHHH!!! Too many choices!!

People, anything you want to eat is in this city. Word on the street is that there¬†are 20,000+ restaurants? How ridiculous is that!? But, it’s great! Oh! OH! And let’s not forget the vast army of FOOD TRUCKS! Sweet Jesus, take the wheel! (No pun intended.) ¬†The food truck game is like no other. I don’t often side with NYC, but I have to say that NYC has the food truck business on lock! I doubt any other major city has a food truck¬†market like NYC. Next time you’re in NYC, skip the restaurants. Seek out the food trucks! And for clarification, I’m not talking about the tiny little carts selling pretzels and “meat” on a stick. NO. Get thee to a truck! Korilla BBQ, Wafels & Dinges (mmm, wafels), Lobster Truck, The Treats Truck (mmm, brownies), etc, etc, etc. The list is too long! Now I’m hungry…

The entertainment¬†/ nightlife – Broadway. Off-broadway. Off-off-broadway. Comedy shows. Plays. Opera. Ballet. Ping-pong. Shuffleboard (yes, I just learned there’s a shuffleboard place in Gowanus. Who knew?) Billiards. Bowling. And of course, the list of nightclubs and bars can go on for days. I said this before, if you live here and are bored, then you clearly just want to be bored. There’s a lot to do here, period. I’ll also include the random street fairs that pop up out of nowhere. The amount of things to do in NYC is staggering. I’m sure there’s even more to do outside of¬†what I listed above.

The talent¬†/ creativity – I must say, I’m constantly¬†amazed by¬†the talent¬†in the city. While I get annoyed at people breaking out into song on the train (o.m.g.), I am often pleasantly surprised when I hear someone that’s very¬†talented. NYC is the place for anyone that is artistic/creative. I’m always happy to experience any sort of creative outlet in the city.

The walking – I’ll go ahead and put this as something I like about the city. I do like being able to walk everywhere. However, it’s a blessing and a curse. The blessing is that you don’t have to deal with parking (yay!) and the best part, it’s great exercise! It’s pretty convenient too. There’s an area not too far from where we live where I can go to the grocery store, grab a Starbucks and pick up something from the drug store, all in one fell swoop! I love this.¬†The curse?¬†Mother Nature. It’s not fun trying to be productive when you’re walking in¬†30mph winds. Or when it’s 20 degrees out. Or 90 degrees for that matter. Oh, and the rain! Surprisingly, the snow isn’t that big of an issue, in my opinion. Coming from Detroit, NYC cleans up the sidewalks and streets extremely¬†well. It’s always funny to me when people complain because compared to Detroit, the streets/sidewalks in NYC are spotless in the winter! Seriously, NYCers, ya’ll have nooooo idea how unkept Detroit city sidewalks and streets are in the winter. I can’t even tell you the last time we saw a city plow come down the street where I grew up. I think I’ve seen maybe two when I lived with my parents.¬†I’m not kidding.

Anyway, so you see, there are LOTS of things I like about being here! And when I move, I shall feel free to come back to enjoy it all again.

Maybe. ūüėČ






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