Living Life in the Big Apple

I didn’t want to write this blog. I still don’t. I thought, if I write this, I will surely offend all of my NYC friends. Maybe. But they’re New Yorkers! They can take it! They’re TOUGH!!

I didn’t want to write this post because I thought, hey if someone wrote this about Detroit, I’d be pissed! Don’t nobody talk bad about my city! I love Detroit! I was born and raised there. It’s home and always will be. So I thought a lot about writing this post. I didn’t want to do it. But guess what? I’m doing it.

I’ve lived here for nearly five years. FIVE YEARS. Wow, where does the time go!? I can’t believe we have been here for this long. It feels like we’ve been here for longer. But no, just five years. In this long, yet short time, I’ve learned a lot while living here. But since you guys don’t want to “hear” me ramble, I’ll just talk about a few things:

1. They say, if you can make it in NYC, you can make it anywhere. I don’t know who came up with that saying, but I’d venture to say that person never lived in any other major city. Sorry to poo-poo your saying, NYC. But it’s true. Live in Chicago. Live in Philly. Live in DC. Live in LA. The struggle that happens in NYC, well, they can happen in any other major city in America. Sure, NYC may be more fast-paced, and perhaps more cut-throat, but struggle is struggle is struggle. If you’re going to struggle to make it in NYC, most likely, you’ll struggle anywhere else.

2. There are certain things that “only happen in NYC”. I get that. And that’s cool. But, do all those things make NYC more special or better than other places? Again, in my experience, I say no. Things that happen in Chicago, only happen there. Just as things in Detroit/LA/Atlanta/San Francisco/etc only happen in those places. It’s what makes each of those places unique, but it doesn’t necessarily make them better than other cities.

While we’re on the subject of NYC being better than any other city….

3. Overwhelming pride gets in the way of seeing the truth of the city. There’s nothing wrong with being proud of where you’re from. But when that pride gets in the way of you seeing your city for what it really is, therein lies a problem. Look, NO city is perfect. I should know, I’m from Detroit! I KNOW we have issues. And I accept them and still love my city. But yes, Detroit is not great right now. It hasn’t been for a long time. If you are someone that really cares and loves your city, then you have to recognize that everything is not great. Perhaps, some people here are choosing to only see the good. Haha, well isn’t that cute…and totally unrealistic. I appreciate the few born and bred NYers I’ve met that recognize that there are some messed up things about the city, like the abundance of rats, the 400sqft apts that cost $3K, the rudeness (oh my gosh, don’t get me started about the rudeness), the self-absorbed people (yeah, I’m talking to you Ms./Mr. I’m-so-important-I-need-to-walk-and-tweet/text-and-not-watch-where-I’m-going)…. the list can go on. I appreciate these people acknowledging the truth of the city because it’s real talk. Yet, I come across sooo many people that live here that think this city has no faults. Seriously?

I’m not saying that there aren’t wonderful perks to living here. There are tons of museums, restaurants and shopping. You’ve got a ridiculous amount of entertainment here. The movie/tv industry is always around, shooting various things (I must confess, that’s my favorite part about living here). There’s always something to do. If you’re bored, then you just want to be bored. Oh, let’s not forget all the great parks! But, while those things are on the up side of living here, there are down sides.

One of the biggest issues of living here is the cost. Everyone knows it’s crazy expensive to live here. I’m sure I’m not the first to talk about it and I won’t be the last. But when you really look at this issue, you see the horrible divide between the rich and the poor. It’s staggering. That in and of itself makes living here really, really sad to me. It boggles my mind that, if I were working, my husband and I STILL wouldn’t be able to afford to live in a better neighborhood. Our current area isn’t terrible, but it’s not great by any means. Yes, we’re fortunate that it’s: a) a pretty safe area, b) close to public transportation and c) we live in a decent building (although lately it’s driving us insane). But even with those pluses, we’d still prefer a different, more attractive neighborhood area.

We can’t even come close to affording to live in a neighborhood that we want AND get the type of apartment we want. It’s just damn near impossible. Impossible? Well, not impossible. Let’s say, it’s not realistic. And that’s really sad. If we lived elsewhere in the country, there would be no problem at all for us to live in a more upscale/trendy area. We could probably do it with just one of us working! When you look at it like that (and we do all the time), it’s frustrating. It has really shown us what we value. While living here offers many great food/shopping/entertainment options, it’s not worth it to live in a small apartment, paying what would be a mortgage for a house. {Seriously, if we lived in MI, we’d probably own house for what we pay here.}

*shakes fist at NYC*

*calms down*

Ok, here’s what I’ve really learned:

1. NYC is a great place to visit. Living here…well, unless I win the lottery, I’ll pass.

2. Living here is expensive. Eating, entertainment and shopping here can be just as expensive.

3. I REALLY like space. I’m all for minimalist living, but this is ridiculous.

4a. I like taking the train, but I love driving much more. I don’t mind sitting in traffic in a car, but I really dislike sitting on a stalled train with random people.

4b. I won’t miss waiting for trains. I won’t miss smelly trains or train “entertainers” (singers, musicians, doo-wop groups, the “It’s getting hot in here” guy, etc, etc).

5. I do enjoy living in a city where we can walk to things.

6. I won’t miss the rats everywhere, but I don’t “mind” them (they run away from you…usually).

7. Did I mention I REALLY like space!!!

8. I like the abundance of food trucks. mmmm, Wafels ‘n Dinges (the waffle truck).

9. This sounds touristy, but I really like the Macy’s. Dude, it’s 8 floors!!! It’s pretty awesome. Crowded, but awesome. (And there are like, 3 or 4 Starbucks in there. Heaven!!)

10. And this will sound touristy too, but Central Park is quite lovely.

Well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! 🙂

In a nutshell, did I like living here?  One word: no. I didn’t dislike everything, but I disliked a lot of things about living here. It has more to do with quality of life more than anything. I’m not opposed to living in a fast-paced environment (I actually like it sometimes). I do get really peeved about the a$$-holery (not a word, I know) of many people here, but I guess I’m somewhat used to that…sorta. And ya know, that makes me uber sad that I’ve gotten a bit used to that behavior. I’m from the school of saying nice things like “please” and “thank you”, or “excuse me”. Not here. And when I say it, people look at me crazy!! New York, that’s AWFUL!!! I can’t believe people just accept that as a way of life! So SAD people, just sad! I’m just not about the NY life. As I’ve been saying lately, everything is not meant for everybody. Every city is not meant for everyone. And this city is not meant for me.

Ah, well, ’tis life. Like I said, this is a nice place to visit. So I’ll come back and visit.





2 thoughts on “Living Life in the Big Apple

  1. Hahaha. Two questions: 1) Are the food trucks really that appealing when you know there are rats that hang out with the food? 2) When are you moving (and where)? I have only visited NYC and it was fun and cool but I didn’t get “it”. It was so hyped up and it was fun, but honestly I did not enjoy it more than Chicago, L.A., Toronto, and def not better than Vegas :). It was fun to visit but would be tough to live in. And your space concerns are legit, but that’s the issue with every big city. Sounds like suburbia is calling you! Better yet, the “D”! Ann Arbor is a great place to start a family :).

    1. Yeahhhh that’s the weird thing about eating at food trucks and having rats around. Mainly the rats are in the subways. But they do come above ground. I don’t know. Maybe that’s the NYer in me, but I don’t think about it LOL! And when/where are we moving? Soon and we have no idea where! I love Ann Arbor, but we definitely won’t be moving back to MI. Hubby has no desire to do so haha

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