My Favorite Websites!

I really love the Internet. I don’t know what I did before it, to be honest. I guess I read books? Watched TV? Sure, let’s go with that! But who needs all that stuff when you have a vast array of information right before your eyes! [FYI: I’m kidding about needing books and TV. We totally need books. If I thought that, I wouldn’t be writing one! And we totally need TV because, well, our eyes get tired of reading words. Duh! 🙂 ]

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that I have a plethora of favorite websites that I peruse each day. I’ve gotten into a little morning ritual these days, where I sit down and read all of my sites with a nice, hot almond milk latte. ahhh bliss! Here’s some of my favorites:

1. Apartment Therapy – Living in an apartment, I naturally gravitated toward this awesome site about interior design. But don’t let the name fool you, they have oodles, upon oodles of things for your house too! From the “house tours” to the shopping, there’s so many goodies on this site!

2. The Kitchn – Yes, it’s spelled “kitchn”. 🙂  Do you love cooking? Or just love to eat? Either way, you will love, love, love The Kitchn. All sorts of awesome recipes can be found here. Need a new kitchen gadget? They’ve got it. Need a new way to make vegan chocolate chip cookies? Look here. The Kitchn is the sister site to Apartment Therapy, so you will see some crossover articles (i.e. The Kitchn does “kitchen tours”, where they feature kitchen design).

3. The Every Girl –  This is my new obsession. I can’t even believe I’m sharing it! If I had to guess, I’d say this site targets women between the age of 21-35. But I’m sure if you’re younger or older, you can probably find something pleasing on this site. One of my favorite features is the home tour under the “Living” section. What can I say, I’m a sucker for interior design. Lots of fun stuff on this site though, so take a look and I swear you’ll be on it for hours!

4. Curly Nikki – Have curly hair? Then you should check out this site. It’s been my go-to site for all things curly hair. Curly Nikki posts a variety of articles, but the main topic revolves around natural, curly hair. It is geared towards African-American women, but her readers expand well beyond that. Her site has become so popular, she wrote a best-selling book all about caring for curly hair!

5. 100 Days of Real Food – Are you trying to cut down/out the processed foods and eat better? Well, you must see this site! I found this site last year? Maybe almost a year and half ago actually. It’s great. Essentially, this blogger (a married mom of two kids) decided to take on a challenge for eating real food (click here to see how she defines it) for 100 days. And the result? This awesome website, full of wonderful recipes and tips for eating well! [Note: I don’t frequent this site like I used to, but it’s such a great website to go to if you’re starting the journey to eating better.]

BONUS: Pinterest – My husband will tell you that I LOVE Pinterest!!! I must admit, it was kind of weird at first. But once I understood that it’s basically a virtual vision board, I was all in! I used it to keep track of all of my wedding ideas (something lots of women seem to do on Pinterest, lol). I also use it to plan / gather ideas for furniture/decor when we move. I pin lots of other things… food, clothes, beauty/hair, fitness… anything that I want to try/do at some point. Every night before bed (another ritual), I pin. I pin for at least an hour. Sometimes, I just look at pins for hours. I spend waaaay too much time on it, haha! But it is my favorite thing. If you’re on Pinterest (or not), check me out/follow me here.

I visit a few other sites, but these I frequent daily. I’ll share another list of sites I frequent again.




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