Treat Yo Self!

Shout out to you Parks and Recs watchers!

They say (I love “they”), in the U.S. we don’t take enough time off for vacation. Since I’m on what seems like a permanent vacation, I can’t really relate to this. However, I worked once upon a time, and remember being super disappointed in how much vacation time I received. Seriously, work places that make you accumulate vacation days…please stop. It’s stupid. Give me two (or three) weeks up front and leave me be.

They also say, we don’t take time to enjoy life. I can see that. We are so wrapped up in work (although most of us hate/dislike our jobs) to enjoy the fruits of our labor. We are such a fortunate group of people, it seems like we’d take oodles of time to enjoy everything this great country has to offer. What’s up with that? When did we get this way?

Take a little time each day, each week, each month (at least), to surround yourself with something wonderful. Get outside, away from your office/cubicle and smell the fresh air (if you can find it). Take some time and get your nails done, ladies. Fellas, do the same (it’s ok, we won’t judge)! 🙂 We all need a little reprieve from the daily grind. Remember, life is so precious. Let’s enjoy it, and those around us, while we can.



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