Complain Much?

We all complain. Some of us probably do it just about everyday. In fact, one thing I complain about is my loud neighbors. I won’t even get into how much this irritates me, but just know, we are seriously looking to move. It’s that bad. (Just thinking about them makes me mad!) *woosahhhh*

It’s obviously in our nature to express our feelings about something, whether it’s good or bad. But when it comes to complaining/expressing our displeasure, gone are the days where we complain to a close friend(s) on the phone or in-person. Nowadays, we take to our issues to the streets…the Facebook and Twitter streets! We promptly update our status messages or compose our tweets to share our dissatisfaction with any and everything. Social media has allowed us to share our thoughts with everyone, be they friend, foe or frenemy. Facebook, in particular, has allowed us to see messages of displeasure from not only our friends, but from people we don’t even know! Folks, the next time you comment on someone’s status message, remember your friends see it. I’m sure we all know this, but I feel like we forget it.

Our audience for voicing our complaints/vents is super wide with social media. And seeing the amount of complaining online has got me thinking: wow, we complain a LOT. A LOT. Yes, we love sharing wonderful, happy moments. But boy, do we looooove to complain!

So, here’s my thought: We’re not going to stop complaining. We just won’t. And ya know, it’s okay. We don’t want things to build up inside to the point where we explode and go nuts. 🙂  But, just take a moment to stop and think before you update that status or write that tweet. Complaining often, and to everyone can get…well…let’s just say it’s not a good look. And trust, I will be taking my own advice the next time my neighbors decide to blast their stereo at 3am on a Sunday night. (Yes, on a Sunday. When people have to get up and go to work the next day. Fortunately, I don’t have to get up, but I still don’t want to hear music vibrating my bed at 3am *prays to Baby Jesus for strength*.) 🙂



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