Excerpt Alert: “Meet Alexa”

Here’s the first of a few excerpts I’ll share from my book, ‘The Women of Westbridge”.

Background: In this excerpt, you’ll get a glimpse into the life of Alexa Daniels. Fifteen-year-old Alexa is one of the main characters of my first book, which is told from her point of view.

Disclaimer: this isn’t a book-ready edit. This is a let-me-show-you-what-I’ve-been-writing-edit. 🙂 Also, this is the first time I’ve edited ANYTHING. To say this process was scary, would be the biggest understatement of the year. (eek!)


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

     We pulled up to the premiere to the usual fanfare. My mom looked stunning in her floor-length Dior. Dad looked pretty good too in his tux. I think he went with Ralph Lauren this time. Me, well, I wore the Chanel blazer my mom nagged me about. But decided on a cute black pencil skirt, white shirt and black heels, all from ‘Tarjay’. Mom didn’t approve, but I didn’t really care.      

     Tons of fans, reporters and paparazzi had lined the sides of the red carpet. The cameras were flashing like crazy, I could barely see the entrance to the theater.       

      “Are you guys ready? This is it,” mom said.  My dad and I nodded.      

     “Honey, you look amazing. I’m so proud of you. We both are,” dad said smiling my way. I smiled back.    

     “Yeah mom, you look like a rockstar!”        

     Mom beamed. I’d never seen her this excited for a premiere before.  My dad tapped the divider to signal Dave that we were ready. Dave came around and as the door opened, my heart started to pound heavily. I don’t know why, this wasn’t my first premiere.  I’d been to tons of these things.  But tonight was a big night for mom. It’s probably the biggest movie she’s ever done. I guess I was just caught up in all of the hype.   

     The crowd’s screams got louder as Dave opened the door.  Dave helped mom out and cheers of “Constance” immediately flooded my ears. Dad followed and soon, the crowd shouted “Greg” in between all of the Constances.  Dad helped me out and I could hear a few “Alexas” here and there. I waved, as I tried to adjust my eyes to all the lights and cameras.

     We made our way down the carpet, pausing here and there for pictures. Dad and I walked several steps behind mom, allowing the “madness” to get their shots of her. I watched her stop and pose, turning to the side, then to the back, so the paps could get all sides of her dress. For the first time, I was in awe of her. She seemed so radiant, like a star. Well, she is a star. To me, she’s just mom. But to everyone else, she was Constance Strong, one of Hollywood’s biggest movie stars. Mom has been acting all of her life. Ever since I can remember, she’s toured all over the world, going from movie shoots and premieres, to fancy dinners and parties. She’s even graced the cover of a few magazines. Mom’s life has been an adventure and unfortunately, I’ve gotten to come along for the ride.

      As we made our way down the carpet, I looked out into the sea of screams and wondered if I could ever be this famous. What would it be like if I had all of this on my own? Mom would be thrilled, I’m sure. She’s been begging me to get into acting. Apparently, mom dragged me to tons of auditions when I was a baby. Modeling, commercials, movies…you name it, I was there. By the time I was six, dad made her stop. He just wanted me to be a kid and go to school. Thank God. I don’t think acting is my thing. 

I felt my phone buzz. I tapped my phone. I had a new email:

     “I totally agree, Shana and William are not going to last after this news. Two months TOPS!!”    

      I giggled with giddiness and went to SHEKNOWSALL.COM. I logged in and navigated to the comments. As I read a few more, I tried to contain my excitement. My most recent post had received 500 comments. I couldn’t believe it! Finally, I was getting REAL feedback!

     “Alexa, it’s time to go”, my dad said tapping my shoulder.  As we strolled into the theater, I couldn’t help but think about how popular the blog was becoming. Hmm, maybe I could get used to this fame thing after all….


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