Stay in Your Lane!

Recently, as you can see, I’ve been posting a lot more on *The* Facebook 🙂  One of the reasons I stayed away from it was because it allowed me to stay in my lane. It allowed me to stay focused on what I needed to do in life. It wasn’t like I was out here curing diseases or anything, but I had important things to accomplish. You all know how it is, you set out to achieve a number of goals for the day and then BAM! Facebook. Twitter. Vine. YouTube. Need I go on?

Social media has snatched us all up and made us her b*tch! Many times I think, man, I’m SO glad I did not have this many online distractions when I was in college. I would’ve never gotten anything done! I did, however, have some of this when I was in grad school. I don’t know how I made it out alive to this day.

I love social media. I really do. But I’ll be damned if it doesn’t suck the life out of you. And boy oh boy does it make you feel some type of way about everyone. Even the people you hold dear in life (or so you thought, haha) can strike a nerve with you from one single status or picture. We’ve all seen the number of articles out there that say Facebook causes depression/sadness/anxiety. You name it, you can blame Facebook. But I get it. I see how it can make you jump out of your lane and quickly into a lane that goes nowhere fast. Sure, there are times when you get excited by looking at thousands of hundreds of pictures of your friend’s dog/cat/baby/niece/nephew/wedding/vacation/…*whew*….graduation/recital/rehearsal/bachelorette/bridal shower… ok, you get it. But before you know it, something grabs you. “OH, I didn’t know so-and-so got married!” or “SHE’S/HE’S on Facebook?!” or “OMG, they went to Mexico/Alaska/the ends of the Earth!!” Before you know it, you’re off! You’re searching pages/profiles, you’re clicking through picture after picture. You’ve become a full-on, full-fledged spy in a matter of minutes! The CIA ain’t got nothing on your skills! And before you know it, you’re feeling more and more like you’ve been living under a rock, while everyone else is living the life.

We’ve all been there, done that. In fact, I just did it and that’s what prompted me to stop and write this post. 🙂

What I’m getting at here is, STAY IN YOUR LANE!! It’s so easy to get caught up in someone else’s business. But don’t let it rob you of productivity and/or steal your sanity. Remember, most people usually post the good things going on in their lives. It’s rare we see the bad (unless you happen to be friends with someone that shares EVERYTHING. In that case, lucky you). Sometimes, the shared things look so amazing, we tend to forget that life isn’t always so sweet. We hope and pray that it is, but it’s life. We have our ups and our downs.

So, the next time you decide to go on a stalk-fest spy research check out on someone on social media, and start to feel like your life isn’t amazing, remember, they have their not-so great moments too.



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