New Posts Next Week

I’ve been writing a lot of different things for next week. Here’s a sneak peek:

1. “Can We Still Have It All?” – This post is somewhat geared to the ladies, but I’m sure it affects the guys as well. I’m going to chat a little bit about my thoughts about “having it all”? Can we still have the house, the career, the family and everything in between? In this day and age, we all have so many things going on, I’m starting to think about what it means to have it all and if we can still do it.

2. “Same War, Different Day” – I’m sure I fall into the category of the millions of Americans that find it difficult to think about war. There are so many countries out there right now that are embroiled in war…war against another country, war within their country. Sometimes, it’s hard for me to sincerely care about what’s going on. Sometimes, I honestly shut off the news because I can’t bear to hear about another war. My question is, when is it going to stop? When will we finally get to a place of peace throughout the world?

3. “The Choices We Make” – My new mantra is, “we choose the lives we live”. Think about it. No, really, really think about that. Think about all the decisions you’ve made in your life. Are you satisfied with them? Or are there some you’d like to take back? I know there are a few I’d like a re-do on. And some that I wish I could’ve thought through a little more. I’m not trying to drudge up or dwell on the past. I look back on choices I’ve made as a way of making better decisions today. I started thinking about this topic, not because of my choices, but because of something I see every day in this city. Homelessness. I’m in awe of how people get to that point in life. Some people may argue that “life happens”. Sure, I can go with that for a while, but sometimes, I really think it comes down to the choices we make.

Along with these topics, I’ll also be sharing an excerpt from my book!! Lots of editing needs to be done, but I’m excited to give you all a preview!

Enjoy the weekend!



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