Book Notes: About “The Women of Westbridge”

I said I’d give you all more deets about my novel. I was going to give you a synopsis, but that’s not enough, right? You want a little more info, right? So, here ya go:

  • It’s a young adult novel about four teenage girls that are about to start high school at a boarding school.
    • They are: Alexa, Sade, Tori & Emi.
    • They are from different ethnic backgrounds, which was very important to me when I came up with this story (yes, I was a progressive little girl).
    • The girls also come from very different economic backgrounds. One grew up with a single mom, barely making ends meet. While another is the daughter of two A-list celebrities, who has everything she could possibly imagine!
  • The story takes place the summer before they go off to school.
    • I’ve heard a lot of YA novels are set at boarding schools. I might change this, but I probably won’t. This is how I’ve always imagined the novel, so I don’t want to change it. Besides, I’ve enjoyed creating this world away from their parents, etc.
  • It’s set in California
    • Why? No real reason. Actually, there is a reason. For Alexa’s background, it made sense, given her parents are celebs. But before I even realized that, I had already chosen Cali as the backdrop.
  • Alexa and Emi are best friends and grew up together. They meet the other two girls at school.
  • Each girl brings something to the table in terms of a talent. I’m not going to reveal that at this moment, but their talent gets used in their story.
  • This is just 1 of 4 books I plan to write. Each book will be from the perspective of each character. There may or may not be a connection amongst all four books. I haven’t decided yet, but I think there will be.

In case you’re just now checking out my blog, I mentioned before that this story, is essentially what I came up with back when I was about nine years old. I have changed the background of the characters over time, but the story of these four girls going to boarding school has remained the same.

Well, that’s all that I can share for now. I’m going to work on editing a piece so I can share with you all soon! 🙂



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