Random Post!


Just wanted to take a moment and write a few things…

1. Thanks to all who’ve been visiting the blog in the past few weeks. Like many bloggers, I keep up with my stats and I’m more than pleased to see such a big response. And thanks to all that have given me feedback to me personally or to my husband. I really appreciate it and I hope to have more stuff to share with you all. 

2. Speaking of content, I’ve got LOTS to write! I’m working on two posts that I’m trying to get done, hopefully soon. One is about my thoughts on finding love (this might be a series of posts) and the other is entitled, “Can We Have It All?”. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the idea of “having it all” and is it still possible in this day and age. I’ve got some other ideas swirling around, so be on the lookout for them.

3. Some of you may be wondering what my blog is all about. Right now (or perhaps forever?), I’m talking about everything! I’ve blogged for years, mostly personal stuff on a blog community. But I’ve had various versions of my public blog, where I’ve always blogged about different topics. I really enjoy current events, so I want to keep up with talking about things that come up in the media. But I also have moments where I just think of crazy corny things and I want to share them with everyone. I’ve tried numerous times to blog about something specific. I’m not good at that, at least not now. Perhaps, as I continue to blog, I’ll carve out a niche for myself. For now, enjoy my random topics. 🙂

That’s all I’ve got for now. Interested in getting my take on a topic? Holla at me in the comments and I’ll write about it.



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