Maybe, It’s Right In Front of You

You’ve been looking for best/perfect/right/ideal __________ (fill in the blank) for YEARS and you just can’t seem to find it. We’ve all been there, haven’t we? We’ve looked for the ideal job, the right mate, or the best place to live. The list is endless. We’re constantly searching for the best ________ out there.

One of the things I’m currently searching for is the ideal time.  Time is so elusive. You can never get enough of it. And as I get older, I feel like I lose more and more of it. You’d think by now, I would know that there is never going to be the best time to do just about anything. I’m slowly, but surely, coming around to the fact that I have to stop looking for the right time and start utilizing the time that’s right in front of me.

Are you looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right? Maybe you’re not thinking that far ahead. Perhaps you’re just looking for Mr./Mrs. Right Now 🙂  Have you ever thought that you’re looking too far for that person? Maybe s/he is right in front of you.  You know that long time friend who knows everything about you? Of course you do, we all have that friend…the one that just “gets” you. Maybe s/he could be the love of your life, but you’ve been too busy looking far and wide for someone else to be that “perfect” love.

Looking for the perfect job? I can definitely relate to this topic. I feel like I’ve spent the last decade trying to find out what the heck I should be doing with my life. And now, with all this free time on my hands, I’ve had plenty of time to think about it. My ideal career has been in my heart all along! I just need to make it happen.

There are plenty of scenarios for everyone. The perfect home. The best car. Even the right cell phone! Stop and think about all of the things you’re searching for in life.  The answers to your questions could be right in front of you!



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