I’m ‘Hair’ To Motivate You!

Does being fully informed about a goal give you more motivation to achieve it? I think so. It’s kind of a different theory to consider, but go with me on this. 

Let’s talk about my hair. On December 13, 2012, I cut all of my hair off. I had about an inch of hair left on my head. Why? Well, long story short, I had gotten to this point of annoyance with my hair. In the effort to manage it better, I put a texture “softener” in it. It was supposed to relax my natural curl, but not relax it to the point of it being straight. Well, that didn’t work out so well and my hair slowly quickly broke off. It was tragic. I was so upset because the following year, I was getting married. Cutting my hair was a big deal, but it had to be done. I decided, I’d rather have short, healthy hair in my wedding pics, than long-ish, crappy hair.

My decision paid off and my hair looked FAB for my wedding pics. Since the cut, before it really, I did TONS of research on my hair type. From Youtube and blogs, to reading a few books, I learned a lot about hair. Hair is fascinating! And the more I read, the more I was excited to see my hair regrow. Well, it’s been 13 months since my cut and my hair has grown tremendously. Check it out (you can click the pic to make it larger):


It’s grown as it should have, at about 1/2 an inch per month (which is on the faster side, as everyone’s hair grows on average between 1/4 – 1/2 inch per month). I’ve been tracking the progress in pictures (highly recommend doing this if you cut your hair), which is something I learned from all of the blogs I read.

The effort that I had to put into my hair wasn’t hard at all. Time consuming, yes. But it was definitely do-able. I’m realizing now, that I should’ve done it all along. But why didn’t I? I really think it was my lack of education on hair care that made me not do anything. I know this sounds silly. Why didn’t I just learn about taking care of my hair? To enlighten you about my hair past, my hair is naturally curly, but I used to relax (straighten) my hair for many years. I believe I started when I was about 13 years old. When I decided to stop, I honestly had no clue what to do with it. And at the time when I stopped (in 2000), there weren’t many women wearing natural hair. Nor were there any salons (in my immediate area, at least) that catered to natural hair. I decided in 2003 to relax it again and I felt good about it. My hair had grown tremendously over the years. I was excited about the growth, but not so excited to return to the routine of relaxing.  But as I said, I never learned what to do with my natural curls, so I went back to what I knew. {Sidenote: The women in my family were also relaxing their hair, so none of them were any help to me.}

Then, in 2008, I decided to try it again. I had an “epiphany” and decided to use the Internet to learn about taking care of my hair. From 2008 to 2011, I didn’t use the knowledge I gained, partly, because I was still in the relaxed hair mindset. I was still thinking I could care for my natural hair the way I cared for my relaxed hair. Big mistake. But also, I think I didn’t have enough info to really help me. All of this led to frustration and to the dreaded texture softener incident. {*cue dramatic music*}

After I cut my hair, I finally got my act together. By this time, many women had decided to join the “movement” and return to their natural hair. Today, there are so many resources to learn from and once I had the knowledge, I was very excited to use it all. I feel like it actually gave me the push I needed to make significant changes with my hair. Now, as you can see from the pics, my hair is flourishing!

I’m sharing this because I think this can be said for so many aspects in our lives. Whether it’s growing your hair, eating better or other goals, I think acquiring all the knowledge you need to accomplish those things is key.

Thoughts? Sharing is caring. 🙂



2 thoughts on “I’m ‘Hair’ To Motivate You!

  1. I too went relaxer free in December 2011, I will use that as a benchmark. I have had some growing pains with my hair because as you stated the process can be time consuming based on your hair. As my hair quickly grew my hair became unmanageable for the inexperience person (me). I began to slack off and to my hair demise breakage began. I also, was due to get married thus the reason I began my growth journey in the summer of 2013. Although, I have had some minor setbacks I really like the versatility of my hair. I began with a TWA and now I have a nice length. For newbies resources are available but don’t get so consumed in the “new natural movement”. The best advice is to learn your hair.

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