I’m Focused, Man!

Lots of buzz going on right now with Beyoncé’s “secret” album. Can I just state that this album may have dropped unknowingly, but it was not a secret. I hope her fans know she’s been working on this thing for damn near two years. Yeah. So there’s that. But who am I to spoil the fun? Oh, wait. I’m me and I like to spoil fun! Haha! j/k 🙂  I took a quick listen and I’m like, blah. I’m not a fan, but I do enjoy some of her music. I really enjoyed her earlier cd’s (I don’t own them, but I listened to them fully via other sources). Over the years though, I’ve gotten bored of her “anthem” type songs. I mean, sure she’s got catchy beats, but yeah, that about does it for me. And I know I’m in the minority, but lately, her singing voice has been missing in action. I feel like think she’s succumbed to this newer style of “singing”, where it sounds like singers are sorta talking, or even rapping their lyrics {insert any Rihanna song here}. That’s really bothersome to me. It’s not singing. SING damnit! I remember in cheerleading, my coach used to yell at us if it sounded like we were “singing”. She’d yell, “SAY the words! Stop SINGING!”  So that’s what I think about when I hear Bey, except it’s the opposite. “SING the words! Stop TALKING TO THE BEAT!” Girl, you may have married a rapper, but you are not a rapper. Anyway… I didn’t come here to talk about her.

I came here to talk about MEEEEEE! MEEEE ME ME-ME-ME MEEEEE! 🙂

Novel writing month came and went, but I’m still focusing on my goal of reaching 50K words by the end of this year. So far, it’s sorta slow, but I’m still going! I’ve got 16K words typed and tons more still written in my notebook. I think once I get it all typed up, I’ll be very close to 20K. {woot!}

At this point, I’ve realized that not having a real outline was not such a great idea. I had a loose one, which helped. But it stopped way short of my story. If I had continued it and made it more detailed, it would’ve helped me keep the story going. Right now, well two days ago, I was at a standstill. I’ve been writing steadily this month, but not with as much gusto because of this issue of not knowing where my story was going to go once it hit the climax. It’s gotta go somewhere. I finally stopped writing crap to flesh out more of the story.  I’m on track now! I wrote yesterday after writing a more detailed outline and I feel really good, guys!!

[I was going to write something and I seriously lost my concentration. Bummer.]

Well, since I can’t remember what I was going to say, I’ll just say that I’m still super excited about the book and I’m even more excited about where it’s going. OH… I just remembered what I was going to say!

I was going to say, how difficult it was during the month of November to stay with the challenge and write quality work. Part of the NaNoWritMo challenge was to stay focused on writing and not editing. They also encouraged you to write no matter what, whether you wrote something amazing or wrote trash. The focus was to write your heart out and do it nonstop. I tried doing that and I think I succeeded. I didn’t edit, which was hard at first, but then it was really freeing. However, it was hard to just write whatever came to mind. I think, for the most part, my story is great (toot, toot), but as I continued to write, it got hard to stay within my awesome writing zone. I didn’t want to put down words for the sake of putting them down. I just can’t do that. For me, I need to stay focused. So now that the challenge is over, I’ve focused on being more thoughtful about what I’m writing. Not that I wasn’t before, but I’m definitely keeping it in mind more. If I have to, I stop and grab another notebook so I can do a little brainstorming when I get stuck. I pull myself aside, if you will, and flesh out the story and/or character(s) a little more. It takes additional time, but it really helps. That way, when it’s time to edit, I won’t be trashing whole pages like I used to many years ago with this story. Now, when I reread something (in order to pick up where I left off), I’m able to cut a word or even a sentence and keep it moving. It’s so much better for me.

Well that’s all that’s going on in my writing world. I’m going to get back into it, as I enjoy a cup of joe and look at the snow falling.



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