Today, we reflect upon the immense tragedy that impacted our country 12 years ago. A tragedy that we will “never forget”. I can’t imagine what it would’ve been like to live in New York at the time, but watching it all unfold 12 years ago on TV is an image that will be burned into my mind forever.

So many lives lost. The surreality of it all, makes me wonder how anyone could think to create such terror.

And still today, we continue to face the possibility of another horrific act. Hopeful though, that the powers-that-be are doing whatever it takes to protect us.

Let us reflect today upon those lives that were lost, pray for their families and loved ones that remain. But let us reflect upon on own lives. Let us pray for peace. Let us pray for faith. Let us pray for all that is good in the world, that it shall prevail always.



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