Let’s Get Physical!

When my now-husband proposed to me last February, I knew immediately I would need to get into shape. To most people that know me, I have always been a height-weight proportionate person. In fact, some of my friends referred to me as “skinny”. Well, I didn’t argue with that sentiment on most days. But at the same time, I knew the truth that lied beneath my flowy tops, shift dresses and various bodyshapers. I was hiding a secret. My secret tummy. For such a skinny person, I sure had a gut. Don’t believe me? Exhibit A:


I’ve had this belly for most of my life. Even when I was a cheerleader in high school, I remember having this belly. I’m sure it was a smaller belly, but it was a belly nonetheless. I distinctly remember never wanting to wear a bikini because of this belly. I still haven’t had the opportunity to wear one. I’m hoping though, that will change very soon.

Enter Insanity.

My friend and I attempted to do Insanity together last year (the pic above is my before picture during that time). I had to bail because NYC summers are brutal. What’s even more brutal is the fact that our apt has NO air conditioning. Yes, no air whatsoever. If you want air, you have to supply it yourself. Well, we bought a unit for our bedroom, but figured we could survive without it in the living room. Well, let’s just say we were wrong. But I digress.

My friend, bless her soul, was able to to complete the entire 60 days of Insanity. Big kudos for her! She is awesome and is truly my inspiration. So when she came around again this year, I accepted the challenge. Even though we began after my wedding, I knew that doing something as intense as Insanity was going to be what I needed to get rid of this tummy for good.

Well, I survived seven weeks of the program. During week seven, my knees started to give out. If you’re unfamiliar with Insanity, there is a TON of jumping. My knees finally said enough. I did about 3 workouts during week seven. I was still proud, even though my knees were yelling foul things at me. Then, in the final week, Mother Nature decided it was time to release her wrath and beared down on the east coast with a serious heat wave. Ninety-five degrees one day, 98 the next, 101 after that…the whole week was intolerable. I just couldn’t get through the workouts in our apt. I felt like I was in Hell. I did one workout during week eight and decided, it’s a wrap. The heat has settled down a bit, but our apt is still too warm for such intense workouts. So I decided to call it quits. I’m not sad about it though because I made it nearly to the end this time. I’m super proud! But, what I’m most proud about is the way my body has changed! Exhibit B:


I cannot stop looking at the changes. It’s unbelievable how far I’ve come. In the first picture, the top left pic is from July 2012. The pic below that one is from May 2013, after one week of Insanity. The pic in the center is from June 2013. Finally, the pic on the far right is from today (7/23). What a difference!!! I’m amazed! I can’t believe there’s been this type of change in my body. I guess since I have to look at myself every day, I hadn’t really noticed these changes. I kept thinking that Insanity wasn’t working for me. But boy was I wrong!! I still have a bit of a tummy (Exhibit C below), but man, I’m definitely in a better place! [Note: If these pics are small, try clicking on them. I think they will enlarge, depending on your browser.]


I’m definitely going to continue working out. I’ve moved on to incorporating strength training now. As you can see in the picture with my arms, I’ve increased my arm strength (and definition) tremendously. I would like to say that I was doing some strength training prior to Insanity. But Insanity definitely helped. I can do push-ups on my toes!! Before, I could do a few on my toes. But now, I can complete at least 20! I love being strong!

Well, I’ll keep posting more progress pics as I continue to shape my body. I’m so excited for what’s to come!




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