And The Plot Thickens

You’ve met the characters of my forthcoming novel, Untitled. Now, what’s next? Let me be honest: writing a novel is a daunting task. You have this idea in your head and you want to put it on paper (or screen), but how do you do that? Where do you start? I’m a firm believer that there’s no one way to write. Not only that, but there’s no right way to write. With that said, I’m bombarded with tons of ways to get this novel off the ground. Oh, did I mention that this will be a series? Right, so not only am I planning to write one book, I’m writing four books. Yes. I am more than overwhelmed.

Writing these books will be no easy task, so in order to get started, my next step is outlining and creating a structure. I don’t know how else I could write a 4-book series if I didn’t create a basic structure to begin with. The books will have their own feel, but they will piggy back off the first novel, therefore it’s important that I set this up from the beginning, so that I don’t get lost going forward.

Once I set the outline up, that’s when the real writing will begin. I was thinking of developing a plot beforehand, but I’m going to wing it. I’m going to write and see where my characters take me. Again, this method may or may not work out, but I feel comfortable jumping in blind. Plus, I think it’ll be more fun that way and will allow my vivid imagination to take over. Every writer is different and some people may feel comfortable having a plot in mind. I’ve never been the type of writer to think before I wrote, so why start now? Let’s see where the journey takes us and go from there, shall we?

More to come as always…


2 thoughts on “And The Plot Thickens

  1. I wish to write a novel as well. So, I did some research on how to develop plots, characters, etc. A book series I thought was helpful is the, “Write Great Fiction” series. I have the, “Plot & Structure” and “Dialogue” books. I’d like to get the others; “Characters, Emotion, & Viewpoint”, “Revision & Self Editing”, and “Description & Setting” Amazon has a searchable CD that I may get that has all five books. Anyway, I wish you the best and look forward to reading your novels!

    • Oh very cool! There are tons of great books out there. Good luck with your writing too! And thanks for all of your comments! I’m looking forward to sharing more of the book 🙂

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